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physical, occupational and speech therapy in Westchester NYSub-acute services are a type of care one step below a hospital.

Sub-acute Care Services include:
· Short Stay Rehab Care
· Rehab department open 7 days a week
· 17 bed R.E.S.T.T. (Regency Extended Short Term Therapy) Unit

There are two types of Sub-acute services at Regency.  One is SHORT-TERM REHABILITATION SUB-ACUTE SERVICES including physical, occupational and speech therapy. The other is MEDICAL SUB-ACUTE SERVICES.

Regency Extended Care Center provides Specialized Rehabilitation Services for individuals planning to return to community living.

The rehabilitation department is open 7 days a week. Staffed by Licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists

Short-term intensive rehabilitation is offered for:
· Orthopedics
· Stroke and Neurology
· Hip pinning
· Total hip replacement
· Arthroplasty
· Amputation Care
· Prosthetics and orthotics
· Post-surgery care for pain management
· Strengthening, conditioning and endurance training (to increase functional status)

The multidisciplinary team is understanding of the importance of working closely with the resident and family. The team meets weekly during the course of treatment, to address vital issues in preparation and planning for the resident’s discharge.

We invite you to come see for yourself why Regency Nursing Home is more thanjust a place to live… it’s a place for living!


Ventilator Services
· Upper respiratory airway
· Management Programs
· Ventilator weaning program

Regency Extended Care Center offers comprehensive respiratory services for residents who are ventilator dependent. Our facility utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach targeted at improving the medical, functioning and psychological status of residents being treated for chronic respiratory conditions.

Individual programs for Ventilator Dependent residents include:
· Ventilator Weaning Program
· Upper Respiratory Airway Management Programs
· State of the Art Ventilators

Our Professional Respiratory Team consists of:
· Attending Physicians
· Pulmonologist
· 24 Hour Registered Nurses
· Respiratory Therapist
· Physical Therapist
· Occupational Therapist
· Speech Therapist
· Nutritionalists
· Social Workers
· Recreational Staff

Infusion Therapy
· Antibiotic
· Hydration
· Total Parenteral Nutrition
· Pain Management

Regency Extended Care Center offers a Comprehensive Intravenous Therapy Program.

This exceptional program enables Regency to meet the needs of residents with specialized requirements. The Intravenous Therapy Program is offered to short and long term residents.

I.V. Therapy Services include:
· Antibiotic Therapy
· Fluid Hydration
· Electrolyte Replacement
· Chemotherapy
· Total Parenteral Nutrition
· Pain Management

Our Multidisciplinary Team consists of:
· Attending Physicians
· I.V. Certified Registered Pharmacists
· I.V. Certified Nurses
· Registered Dietitians
· Social Workers

Hospice Care

· Medications related to terminal illness
· Bereavement Services

Physical Pain can be an overwhelming concern for both the resident and their families.Regency Extended Care Center in coordination with Phelps Hospice provides a special kind of care for terminally ill residents and their families. An individualized plan of care is developed jointly by the Hospice team and Regency staff, taking into consideration the wishes of the resident and family.

Services provided to residents under Hospice Care:
· Medical Direction
· 24 Hour Nursing Care
· Social Work
· Pastoral Care
· Dietary
· Family Member Counseling (in time of emotional or spiritual pain)
· Ancillary Therapy related to terminal illness
· Medical Supplies and Equipment
· Socializing Activities
· Bereavement Services
· Volunteer Services

Hospice and Regency Extended Care Center encourages residents to be partners intheir own pain management. Our goal is to keep our residents comfortable, painfree and alert.

Wound Care
· State of the art healing techniques
Regency has a plastic surgeon that performs weekly rounds on those residents who need wound care. For more advanced cases Regency has affiliations with local hospitalswho operate word care clinics and who provide hyperbaric services.

Bariatric Services

Regency has 8 designated beds for patients who require specialized equipment and possible pre and post surgical care.


Regency provides for the care of residents who have had trachomodites.  This includes patients who require gastrostomy tubes.